Limited edition works are part of a finite series. Printed on archival paper, each is signed and numbered on the back of the print in the right hand corner by the artist. Edition sizes are set by dimension, as in each size has a finite number. The edition numbers are fixed, which means that once the prints sell out, they are no longer available. These prints are more expensive because of paper size and quality, as well as the collectibility which owning a limited edition piece of art affords. Limited editions are the artistic equivalent of a hand-knit sweater versus one that is mass-produced.

Artists Prints are reserved for exhibitions and museum collections; please contact us directly for details. Limited Edition prints are printed on fine art pearl luster paper using archival inks. Each print is crafted at a print studio in San Francisco, CA and given special care to maintain quality at final print size. These professional printers are calibrated daily for the best color accuracy possible. Screen calibrations may vary on personal computers, so colors might not appear exactly as you see on your own computer screen. 
Sorry, framing is not available, all prints ship unframed.
An open edition is a print produced in bulk with no set limit to the number of copies that the artist might make or sell. These are printed on archival Epson luster paper, printed in a much more cost-effective manner than the limited edition series. Open editions are only made in the sizes offered on this website.
While you own a piece of artwork created by Albert Lewis, you do not own any rights to the image; you have purchased a copy of the image. Only the owner of the copyright is authorized to reproduce the image. All of Albert's images are protect by US Copyright laws, and are registered with the US Copyright office. Without prior permission, you cannot copy or reproduce the image for any reason, be it personal, educational, non-profit, or commercial. If you want permission to use or license an image for any reason, please contact us directly for a licensing quote.
Do not download, screenshot, print, or photocopy any image on this or any other of Albert Lewis' websites.
BUYING A PRINT DOES NOT TRANSFER COPYRIGHT. DIGITAL DOWNLOADS Digital downloads for prints or personal use are not available. This is non-negotiable.
If you are looking to license the image for commercial use please contact us directly at info@seespotrun.com