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THE PRINT SHOP: See Spot Run Print Shop is an online art gallery and store created by independent artist, Albert Lewis and operated with the help of valuable, talented team. Our fine art photographs feature Albert's sophisticated, yet playful spirit in the Art prints Series. We're committed to producing high quality art at an affordable price and our range of editions (both open and limited) offers options for various budgets. Albert has chosen the finest paper stock and using the latest technology for digital capture and printing methods to ensure the work comes to life in a way that's well-crafted, archival, and beautiful. We've been featured in publications such as Outside Magazine, ESPN magazine, Mushers magazine, and many others as well as numerous blogs such as Design Sponge, Daily milk, Dogington Post, House of Harvey, Adventure Journal and more.

About Albert

Albert Lewis is primarily a portrait and fine art photographer who has had his work published in publications such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, LA Times, NY Times, Outside magazine, Mushing magazine as well as works being shown in major galleries both in Canada, UK and US. He has recently completed a passionate and personal project entitled Born to Run / Athletes of the Iditarod. The images were published as a large, hardbound, beautifully printed photography book in March of 2013.
Albert is also embarking on a mission to help end the homeless pet rates throughout the world, by photographing these sheltered animals in a professional manner to better help their chances of a quick adoption to a forever home. He has several books in the works currently, from other specialty dog books to shelter dogs and even a few surprises, stay tuned!

About the Dogs
The athleticism of Alaskan sled dogs is nothing less than extraordinary. Their herculean aerobic capacity, ability to run hundreds of miles and adaptation to sub-zero temperatures are far beyond human comparison. Born to run, many of these Huskies and Malamutes are descendants of accomplished Iditarod sled dogs of the past. Trained as leaders, wheelers, swing dogs and team dogs, each canine has a specific purpose and position on the team. Lead dogs, in particular, exhibit remarkable intelligence through their ability to guide a team solely by understanding and reacting to the spoken commands of a musher. To experience the coordination and determination of sled dogs working in unison is awe-inspiring. Yet beyond this perfect blend of form and function, it is the companionship, spirit and lovability of these athletes that so endears us to them.
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The See Spot Run Print Shop, founded in 2010, is owned and operated by photographer Albert Lewis.
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